KDR Terms of Use & Code of Conduct

Please read the Terms of Use carefully before joining the site.

Notice: Journalists* and Canadian residents**, please read marked sections carefully 

I. Terms of Use

  1. All members must be 18 years of age or older
  2. This site is for private individuals interested in donating or receiving sperm, eggs and embryos only. Use of this site for dating or casual sex is prohibited.
  3. Users are responsible for any and all interaction with any other user, including personal and financial safety.
  4. KDR can not be held responsible for the accuracy of member profiles or the content of member communication and interactions. KDR is a community resource made available for donors and recipients to educate themselves and connect with others who share their interests. KDR does not screen or verify the information given on any registered member. 
  5. **Members are solely and individually responsible for complying with the laws that apply to the country and region in which they live. (Canadian Residents - Read Below**)
  6. Each member may have one profile only.  If they are removed from the registry, it is not allowed to join again using a different alias. Use of multiple profiles for any reason may result in removal from the site.
  7. Profile and gallery images must not contain nudity, portray violence or violate any copyright laws.
  8. Profile information and images may not misrepresent the member or what they look like. Profile specifics do not have to be entered, but any specific entered must be accurate to the actual member. Members may use a non-human image if they do not wish to use their real photo, but images of models or of someone other than the member are not permitted.
  9. Conflicts of Interest: Members may not use the KDR site, profile or forums to promote any other web sites, groups, products or services without express written permission from the KDR administration team prior to posting any information. 
    1. Members who are administrators or moderators of other donation sites or lists may be removed at any time at the sole discretion of the KDR Administrator as is seen in the best interest of the KDR community.
  10. *Members may not contact another member for any purpose other than private sperm, egg or embryo donation as stated on that member's profile, unless invited by the other member first. This includes (but is not limited to): solicitation for services or products, advertising of any kind and dating or sexual advances.
  11. Photos of others or minor children: Photos of other people, especially minor children, may not be posted without the prior written consent of the other party. This consent should be available upon request by any KDR moderator or administrator, or the photos must be removed immediately. Images of babies posted without consent of the parent may result in removal from KDR, as this is a serious violation of privacy of a minor child.
  12. Adult Content, Hate Speech, Violence, Illegal Activity: Messages, emails, or profiles containing violent, sexually oriented or illegal content or links to sites with this content will either be deleted or saved in the Forum Jail as evidence. Messages with links to or suggesting illegal activity will also be deleted. Posting or linking to any of these could result in a ban.
  13. Defamation /Libel: Users may not post defamatory content (libel) on KDR. Libel constitutes a false statement of fact causing harm to the reputation of a person or company without adequate due diligence or research into the truthfulness of the statement. Opinions are not actionable as defamation. 
    • KDR will remove content if a written request is received from the person or company, or their legal representation, about which such a statement is made that shows 1) it is a false statement or can not be proven and 2) it has damaged their reputation. 
    • KDR will not remove content that complies with the Terms of Use simply because someone does not like it.
    • Requests to remove content must be made under the legal name of the person or company about which the statement was made.
  14. Report code of conduct violations: All Members are expected to report behavior that breaks these Terms to the KDR Administrators.
  15. Violation of the law: any violation of the law should be immediately reported to the appropriate authorities in your area. KDR is not the appropriate place to report crimes. Once a crime has been established through the appropriate authorities, discussion of the crime becomes a statement of fact and is permitted.

II. Code of Conduct

All Members

  1. Respect the KDR Terms of Use: Private message, emails, forum posts, threads and any other member activity associated with KDR are bound by these Terms. Members posting about or encouraging others to act outside of these Terms of Use will be moderated and/or banned.
  2. Respect the KDR Staff: The KDR moderation and administration team is a group of volunteers who give of their time and energy to help make KDR a valuable and safe resource for our members. Members are expected to respond to moderation respectfully, and to present any questions or concerns in a calm, constructive manner. If requests can not be met, members are expected to accept this and maintain positive discourse in the public forums.
  3. Respect each other: All Members are expected to be respectful and considerate in their dealings with each other.  The use of foul or sexually provocative language, harassment, or any other behavior that makes the other party uncomfortable is not tolerated.
  4. Politics and Religion: While many of the discussions on sperm donation and conception may revolve around political issues, these discussions should be kept to the limited scope of the individual topic. Everyone has the right to their political or religious opinions, but these two topics can cause serious problems and will be heavily monitored in the forums. Please find another venue to exercise your freedom of speech on these topics.

Donors & Recipients

  1. Donors and Recipients agree by accepting these Terms that they do not use illegal drugs and are free of known sexually transmitted diseases and infection. *Members with positive HIV status are allowed, but must declare it in the space provided on their profile.
  2. Donors will take necessary precautions prior to donating (STD testing) as requested by the recipient, and will not knowingly expose Recipients to sexually transmitted diseases or infections.
  3. Recipients engaging in donation that involves sexual contact (NI, partial NI, etc.) will take the necessary precautions prior to receiving sperm (STD testing) as requested by the Donor and will not knowingly expose Donors to sexually transmitted diseases or infections.
  4. Recipients should be prepared to cover the cost of STD testing for themselves and the donor, as well as any travel costs associated with donation, unless otherwise agreed upon with the donor.
  5. No request for payment will be made or offered in exchange for sperm, eggs or embryos, except for expenses incurred for travel or medical tests. Receipts for these expenses must be provided to the Recipient upon request, or as agreed in writing between Donor and Recipient prior to incurring the expense.
  6. Donors will respect at all times the stated preferences of the recipients, specifically regarding method of donation. If a recipient is only looking for Artificial Insemination, the Donor will not push “NI” or any form of sexual contact with the recipient. Donors who are only offering NI (including “partial NI”) will not contact Recipients only looking for AI.
  7. Members may not state or imply that sex (NI, PI, etc,) is a more effective method of conception than artificial insemination (AI). Science has not shown this to be true, and doing so is seen solely as an attempt to manipulate someone into sexual contact.
  8. Members are strongly encouraged to insist on specific and detailed contracts that define the nature of the future relationship between donor, recipient and donor-conceived child.

*Journalists and Members of the Media

  1. Notification is required: status as a journalist or media group must be clearly defined on the profile
  2. Casting Call: A detailed Casting Call must be submitted through the Directory immediately upon joining the site that contains the premise for your participation in the site, what you intend to do with any information, and contact information.
  3. Disclosure: Any discussion with any user of KDR must begin with the disclosure of your status as a journalist or member of the media.
  4. User Permission: Information gathered on KDR may not be used without express permission of the user.
  5. KDR content permission: KDR site graphics, screenshots, or content of any kind may not be reproduced in any way without express written consent of the KDR administrator, Beth Gardner. Permission may be requested via the Contact Us form.

**Canadian Residents: Under the Canadian Food and Drugs Act, semen donated by someone other than a spouse or sexual partner is regulated as a drug in Canada and its distribution and import must comply with the Food and Drugs Act and Semen Regulations (see subsections 4(1) and 9(1) at http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/SOR-96-254/index.html)

KDR reserves the right to suspend or remove the accounts or content of any user at any time for any reason, including breach of these Terms of Use or as required by any federal or state legal authority. If your account is removed you cannot subsequently setup a new account.

This Terms of Use and Code of Conduct may change and evolve with time based on constructive feedback and experience. It is our hope that these policies will foster helpful, honest, and civil interaction. It is the users' responsibility to check this page for updates.

Last Updated: March 7, 2011.





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