About Known Donor Registry

Known Donor Registry was started by Beth Gardner in January 2010. Originally named Free Sperm Donor Registry, KDR was a response to her experience as she and her wife began the process of becoming parents with a known donor. KDR strives to meet the social and educational needs of the community of women, families and donors who seek to exercise their freedom of choice in how, and with whom, they decide to create their families.

Who We Are

Our goal is to create an open, active community resource for people who have or want to have children through private sperm, egg and embryo donation and promote healthy and safe practices while doing so.

The Known Donor Registry is open to everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.

Our Values:

  • Educate donors and recipients on safe and legal procedures
  • Encourage Artificial Insemination (AI) over "Natural Insemination" (NI, i.e. sex) *
  • Advocate for the rights of donor-conceived children
  • Advocate for the right to freedom of conception, and legislation that recognizes private gamete donation
  • Strongly discouraging permanently anonymous donation and parental secrecy **
  • Keep it free

 *There is no proven medical evidence that sexual intercourse increases the chances of conception over artificial insemination. Sexual intercourse (NI) is often encouraged by donors as "more effective," and there simply isn't any medical evidence to back this up.

**Donor-conceived people have a fundamental right to their genetic origins and are almost universally against donor anonymity or secrecy by their parents.


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