Shipping Sperm

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Shipping Sperm: How to Prep, Pack, and Ship the Donation


This is meant to be a Step-by-Step description of how to prep and pack and then ship a sperm donation to a recipient in another city. Shipping is an...


Shipping sperm can be an effective way of working with a known donor, and not as expensive as a sperm bank. However, it requires that the donor be well...
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This is a fun, easy-to-follow drawing of how shipping actually works. It's meant for people who are new to the idea of shipping sperm, and who might be...
Study: Sperm Viability in Human Semen Specimens Stored at 5C Using the Bio-Tranz System
A study of sperm viability (lifetime) when fresh samples are mixed with TEST-Yolk Buffer (TYB) and stored at 5 degrees Celsius in the Bio-Tranz shipper for extended periods. ...
Creating the Shipment
Instructions for recipients to create a FedEx shipment from your donor.


Biological samples, including cryopreserved sperm, are routinely X-rayed during air shipment. The goal was to investigate the impact of X-irradiation used for checked and carry-on luggage on bovine sperm...
How to prepare sample for a longer shipping time: 36-48 hours
Sometimes you need to do a longer ship. For example shipping on a Saturday for a Monday insem, or shipping to the UK or Hawaii from the US....
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