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Sperm donation contract / agreement documents from YVR_Samaritan

I provide one of these agreements when a new recipient (or recipient couple) doesn't already have one of her own.  Click on the attachments below, or if that doesn't work, try these links:

For single women: LINK
For couples: LINK

Please note: I am not a lawyer, and I cannot promise that these documents are legally binding or have ANY legal weight in your state or province.  PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, look up your state / provincial laws on parentage and assisted reproduction, and decide for yourself if a lawyer should be involved and what risks you are exposed to.  But that said, consider that even if a document won't protect you, having a signed agreement is still a powerful, meaningful way to organize your thoughts and ensure that the donor and recipient(s) are totally aligned in their expectations.
You can find some other examples of donor agreements at the following sites:


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  • Donation_Agreement_MM_YY_Donor_Recipient_Single.doc
    This agreement document is intended for use with a single recipient.
    52 KB
  • Donation_Agreement_MM_YY_Donor_Recipient_Spouse.doc
    This agreement document is intended for use with a couple, where both partners will sign.
    51 KB

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