Genetic Testing

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Genetic Testing

How to access genetic testing with a private donor.

There are two ways to access genetic testing: Through a cryobank that has a "directed donor" or "known donor' program, or through a genetic sequencing service.

Cryobanks with Directed Donor programs

A cryobank with a direted donor program may offer the genetic screening that they perform on any other sperm or egg donor to a private party with their own donor. This is up to each cryobank,and may differ widely from country to country or state to state. The best way to find out if they do this is to call xome near you and ask.

Genetic Sequencing

Genetic sequencing is a very new service available to the public, and the number of providers are slowly growing. All human DNA is extremely similar, and shares most of the same attributes.  Only one base pair in a thousand varies, on average.  These variances are called SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms).  SNPs are what make us different, and this is what genetic sequencing services test.

The most popular of the services at this time is  23andme, who offer a genetic test for $99. It is not a full sequencing, but it's very good. They let you download your raw data so it can be ananlyzed by 3rd party software, such as GEDMatch or Promethease.

They are offering free testing to African Americans as part of the Roots study (you qualify if you have 5% or more African ancestry).

They offer testing of carrier status on genetic disorders, health risks and traits.  The complete list is here.

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