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Instructions for recipients to create a FedEx shipment from your donor.

Here are the instructions for a recipient to easily and securely create a FedEx shipment from a donor.  This assumes that the recipient has already set up a FedEx account.

1) Log on to and use the "Create a Shipment" as the default destination.

2) Fill in the "From" box using the donor information.  If the donor is shipping from a FedEx Office location, the abbreviation "FXO" can be used (and is preferred).

3) Fill in the "To" box with the recipient information, which needs to be the name of the person picking up the package, as they will ask for ID! NOTE: If you are shipping to a FXO address so you can pick up the package, open the menu for “Special Services” and check the box that says “Hold at Fed Ex Location.”

4) Enter the Package & Shipment Details. The weight is normally a little more than 1lb, don't worry if it is rounded to 2lbs as the price is the same.  Service type should be "Priority Overnight" and the Package type is normally "FedEx Pak", but check with your donor to confirm.

5) Complete your Shipment - the easy way! Assuming your donor lives in the 21st century, choose "Send a Mobile Shipping Label".  This will send the donor an email with a special barcode.  The donor simply has to show the message with the barcode to the FedEx clerk, who scans it and prints out the shipping label. Voila!  You can also add email addresses to the notifications box, so both sides get notifications automatically.

This is the process that was recommended to me by the manager of my local FedEx.  It has the advantage of fewer mistakes, no paperwork, and security since there is no need for the recipient to give out her account number.  It also gives the recipient time to clear up any issues with the account before the donor is standing in line at the 5:00 deadline getting greif from the FedEx staff.


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Great Shipping Tips!
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Great tips, GCSD! I didn't realize I didn't need to give out my FedEx account number until I read this. Thanks!
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